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All rights reserved. Hard to nail this down and get a straight story on charges. Not covered by Medicare.

This was an out of pocket expense and with scrip from my Doctor. No side affects. I am Medicare does NOT cover cost of shot Some Part Ds cover with a copay I tend to agree with many people about the 1 in 3 number the drug companies push My brother in law had shot.. Got shingles however says it was a milder case. I have no idea if that amount is what Rite Aid actually charged my insurer, or whether that's Rite Aid's free-market price to the uninsured, or whether that price is a fanciful, exaggerated number that my insurer is quoting merely to make my benefits sound more valuable than they are.

I told Dr. I will pay if insurance does not. He sent it in, not as a prescription, just a service for shot. I will look for other ins.

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Noone wants to cover the expensive shot that may also require a booster later on. Talk about sticker shock! There is no disclosure on this and I believe it needs to be before state consumer protection review. The large rash lasted a week or two on my lower back. Really wasn't that painful, a bit itchy but less than an insect bite. There were a couple of sharp pain jolts every now and then for a week but nothing I couldn't live with.

It all resolved within 2 weeks. It left a scabby area which dropped off a within a week. It wasn't that big a deal. Once you get Shingles, most people will never get it again. Please disregard. Just turned 60 waiting for next doctor visit to get vaccine. Too late. You do Not want to get this, and it comes when you are Dow. Got it at Walmart for free. Told my Dr I had never had the chicken pox. He just smiled and said I should get the shot, which I did. That was 2 days ago.

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I have swollen glands, sore throat, and feel like I was run over by a truck. Wish I would have listened to my mother and not the dr. I think Costoc provides pharmacy and immunization services to non-members. Seems to be the best price. My sister and I both got shingles vaccine shots as we've both had shingles in the past. My sister just got over shingles all over the right side of her face. My Health Net insurance paid for my shot We both live together in the same area. We both got shots in January He didn't get the shot because CVS said it would cost approx. That's still too much money.

His doctor didn't have a way to store the vaccine in his office and he's retiring the end of this year. But the retail price of shot at Safeway here in Scottsdale is Have AARP Advantage plan and would have to pay full price at Rite Aid because I have nothing on my deductable for tier 4 drugs which is whay the shingles shot is. Guess I am penalized for being a healthy senior. Thougt I could be proactive instead of reactive. You will be covered only if the vaccine is administered at a Tri-Care approved facility.

Call Tri-care if you have questions. I am 60 years old and wanted to get a shingles vaccine, as recommended by friends who have had shingles, that it should be avoided if possible. No explanation and no response to our appeal, 2 months later. Still thinking about it. I just got over the shingles. I still have some.

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Knowing inside with the nerve I have had shingles 5 times! I am 80 years old. I don't have part d on my Medicare. I do have blue cross prescription card. I don't think they will pay but will call them and ask. My friends say. Well you need to get the shot. But they. Can easily say that. Because they have the money to do that. I don't happen to have that kind of money. So I don't say anything to them.

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I may see if my dr has the shot. And mabe he would let me make payments. I didn't get the shingles as bad this time. Thankful for that. Hope it's ok to post.

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This since I have not had the shot. The Single Vaccine is posted under Tier 4 i. Comments Also called zoster, shingles is a painful, blistery skin rash that can occur in people who have had chickenpox in the past. To help prevent shingles, the U. Typical costs:. All Medicare Part D plans cover the shingles vaccine, as do many private health insurance plans.

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For patients covered by health insurance, typical expenses include a doctor visit copay and, in some cases, a copay for the vaccine. For example, under a North Carolina health plan [ 4 ] for retired state employees, patients pay a doctor-visit copay, but the vaccine is covered percent. For the shingles vaccination, also known by the brand name Zostavax, the health care provider will administer a single shot.

The shingles vaccine is not percent effective. It is most effective in people aged 60 to 69, and it prevents shingles about 50 percent the time; in patients who do get shingles anyway, the vaccination can prevent post-herpetic neuralgia, the sometimes-debilitating pain that can persist after the shingles rash clears.

Additional costs:. Because the shingles vaccine has not been available for long, it still is unclear how long protection lasts, so a booster shot might be necessary in the future. Shopping for shingles vaccine:. The shingles vaccination can be somewhat difficult to get because it requires storage in a special freezer.

Check to see if your doctor offers it.

Walgreens makes Shingrix available chainwide

Or, Walgreens' Take Care Clinics [ 6 ] offer the shingles vaccine, as do some other pharmacies. Also, many travel clinics offer it; the CDC offers resources to help you find a travel clinic [ 7 ]. It is a good idea to call ahead to make sure the vaccine is in stock. The shingles vaccine is not recommended by the CDC for anyone younger than 60 because it has not yet been thoroughly studied in those age groups. The risk of shingles begins to rise after age 50, but about half of cases occur in people 60 and older, and symptoms usually are more severe in that age group.

People who have already had shingles still can get the vaccine.