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Lab Tests Online-UK was established in with the aid of a grant from the Health Foundation and was financially supported by the Department of Health. Aaron Mickunas. Should you not agree on a price, you are invited to suggest a new price by visiting the item's stats page for the item in question. Ralf S. Lycos, Inc. When he's not playing videogames, Filip is usually found writing. As noted above, the apparatus, in one embodiment, will also automatically dispense one or more coupons at the conclusion of a counting transaction.

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The printing of various information on the voucher and the recording of various information about the transaction serve a number of useful functions. The information is also useful to store personnel in verifying accuracy and authenticity of the voucher. Store personnel may be able to detect an inaccurate or unauthentic voucher if, for example, the voucher indicates a transaction time during which the store was not open, or indicates similar inconsistencies. Furthermore, store personnel can, if suspicious, check the information printed on the voucher against the information recorded in the device as described more fully below to further check authenticity.

The recording of information is useful for a number of reasons. First, the information is useful in facilitating the removal of coin bags for deposit, e. The information is useful to store personnel in verifying particular transactions or detecting malfunctions. The information is useful to the counting machine operating company to verify amounts counted and amounts deposited in the bank and to help determine the source of errors if there is a discrepancy between amounts removed from machine and amounts deposited in the bank.

For example, the recorded information is useful to both the operating company and the store personnel to diagnose malfunctions or to become aware of servicing or maintenance needs of the apparatus. The depicted embodiment records information relating to armored car or other monetary transfer services access and store or other remote location facilities access. In the depicted embodiment, the machine can detect an access, or attempted access and will record the time of this event Preferably, the keyswitch is configured to provide a signal to the microprocessor upon changing the mode to permit the apparatus to detect the access or attempted access and to record the time of the event.

After the attempted access is detected such as by the turning of a keyswitch the apparatus is preferably configured to receive an authenticating input such as a personnel identification number PIN , preferably in response to a prompt output by the device, and the identification is then recorded The procedure followed thereafter depends upon whether the access is by store personnel or armored car personnel In one embodiment, the types of access and information available to store personnel are limited.

For example, the store personnel may be permitted to review information relating to the various transactions that have occurred in the counting device The device may display the most recent transaction and may print receipt of a command e. In some embodiments, the store personnel now may be permitted to review status information e. In one embodiment, the device can output either in run mode or in store access mode instructions regarding how to repair minor problems or service or maintain the device, such as instructions clearing a jam, replenishing the supply of coupons, paper, ink and the like In cases in which the accesses is by an armored car personnel, typically for the purpose of retrieving coin bags, e.

Preferably, the printing will be performed by the same printer used for printing vouchers, and will be under the control of the microprocessor. One item which may be printed is a receipt for the armored car personnel which memorializes the amount of money which the armored car personnel is retrieving from the device Preferably, the receipt will be also imprinted with a control number.

Preferably, the machine will also print bank deposit slips for use when the retrieved money is deposited into the bank In one embodiment, the money will be deposited in two or more accounts. For example, in one embodiment the transaction fee described above in connection with FIG. Other embodiments may also be possible. These and other variations and alternatives can be reflected in the amounts calculated for the various deposit slips Preferably, the deposit slips will also be imprinted with a control number for later verification.

In one embodiment, the apparatus will also print tags to be attached to the various coin bags that are being removed. The tags will preferably indicate the denomination of coins in each bag and the number of coins of that denomination. Preferably, the coin bag tags will also be imprinted with a control number.

In one embodiment, the same control number is used for all of the printed items , , The printed items , , may also contain other information such as store location, machine identifier number, time and date and the like. Preferably, the apparatus will record pertinent information, such as by using the computer to record information on non-volatile media. The information recorded can include one or more of the beginning balance, the number and types of coin bags removed, the denomination and number of coins in each bag removed, the amounts of the respective deposits, the control number or numbers and the ending balance In one embodiment, the machine can provide requests or instructions for providing such service, such as by requesting or instructing the armored car personnel to load additional or new coupons, to replenish the supply of paper, ink and the like After the armored car personnel have finished their tasks, they will close the machine and return the machine to run mode.

At this point, the machine will detect that the armored car access has ended and will record the ending time of the armored car access Remote access can also be performed in connection with other entities such as a bank or an accounting firm. In one embodiment, the communication can be performed using a communication device such as modem board Communication can also be performed over a local area network system, over a wireless communication system such as a wireless LAN or a cellular telephone communication system, or by a cable communication such as an interactive television or video communication system.

For example, the central location may initiate access to one or more of the various remote sites in order to obtain information, e. The central location can instruct the remote location to download information regarding the various transactions that have occurred, e. The transaction information can include, for example, the information recorded in connection with transactions, as described above in connection with FIG.

The central location can instruct the remote location to download information relating to service or maintenance status or problems For example, the downloaded service or trouble reports can include information about the times and nature of various malfunctions such as, jamming, misfeeds and the like. The downloaded information can include information about the status of items which may need attention such as loading of additional or new coupons, loading of tape, ink and the like, or notification of required periodic maintenance such as cleaning, battery or other component replacement and the like.

For example, the remote location may initiate a call to the central location in a situation in which the coin bags are nearly full, thus informing the central location that it is necessary to dispatch an armored car to service the remote location The remote location may initiate a call in order to inform the central location of a malfunction Preferably, several levels of malfunction can be detected by the device. As noted above, in some embodiments, the machine may be capable of clearing some types of coin jams without intervention of either store personnel or central location service personnel.

In some cases, the machine may detect a malfunction which is not of the type which can be automatically cleared or may have attempted to automatically clear a malfunction, without success. In some cases the machine may experience a malfunction which it determines can not be or was not cleared automatically and which can not be or was not corrected by store personnel.

In this case, the device may initiate access to the central location to report such a malfunction, thus permitting the central location to dispatch service personnel to correct the situation. The remote device may initiate a call to the central location in order to inform the central location that maintenance needs to be performed, such as loading additional or new coupons, loading papertape, ink and the like The embodiment of FIGS.

In FIG. The lower front surface is clear, allowing the user to watch the coins as they are separated, counted, and dropped into escrow tray By making the process visible to the user, trust in the machine is encouraged. Furthermore, since watching the sorting process is interesting, the user becomes integrated into the machine's operation and is further encouraged to use the machine. Initially the coins are placed in coin tray where small foreign objects fall through perforations in the bottom of the tray and the user can remove large foreign materials prior to coin sorting.

Button initializes the coin counter, activates the coin sorter, and activates the fan within the waste management chute. If the system does not detect coins within a predetermined period of time, both the coin sorter and the fan are deactivated. The user next raises the edge of tray The tray is hinged on the right side and acts as a chute to funnel the coins into the kiosk. User directions, transaction information, store bargains, and advertisements appear on video screen Screen can also be used to show attention getting displays in order to attract potential users.

Once the coins are admitted into the kiosk and the go button has been pushed, the waste removal and coin sorting process begins. During the coin sorting process, coins which do not meet predetermined physical criteria are rejected and returned to the user via chute In one embodiment, as the coins are counted the video screen displays both the total monetary value and the number of coins collected within each denomination.

At the conclusion of the sorting process, the user is asked to either accept the stated coin value and continue the transaction, or cancel the transaction. This selection is made by pushing one of two buttons If the user continues the transaction, then the coins in the escrow tray are dumped into a depository and the user is issued a voucher through slot In one embodiment, the voucher is worth the value of the counted coins and is redeemable at the retailer's cashier for cash or credit towards purchases.

Store coupons, printed by the voucher printer and good towards store bargains, are dispensed with the cash voucher. Manufacturers' coupons are dispensed through an adjoining slot at no cost to the user. If the user cancels the transaction the coins are returned in area The upper back portion of kiosk is a display board where advertisements and notices can be placed. Display board can also be used to indicate what coupons the machine is currently dispensing.

The internal layout of kiosk is shown in FIG. The coin storage area holds the coins after the transaction has been completed. Area can either be separated into large capacity bins to hold each denomination, or into ready to use coin trays. When the storage area is close to capacity, an indicator on the outside of the kiosk notifies store personnel to empty the storage area The outside of the waste management system is visible in this diagram.

Liquids fall through the porous, grooved bottom plate of system while lint and other fine materials are blown away by a small fan located in the chute. Liquids are collected in a waste receptacle. At the end of system , the coins are funneled into the coin counter and sorter This is a commercially available sorter.

Several manufacturers make suitable machines, although in one embodiment a Scan Coin Model with a modified hopper is used. The counter accepts mixed coins and is able to detect foreign coins and slugs. Rejected coins are returned to the user through chute In one embodiment of the kiosk, two different printers are used. Printer is used to print the cash vouchers and the store coupons. Printer can be, e. Besides containing the amount of the voucher, the voucher will also contain other information such as store name, transaction number, bar codes, etc in order to make counterfeiting difficult.

Special papers and inks can also be used to discourage counterfeiting. In one embodiment, a separate printer makes a continuous record of each transaction. This printer is an Epson RP In a second embodiment printer serves a double function. Besides printing the vouchers, upon command by store personnel this printer prints out all of the pertinent transactional information.

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CPU also stores this information. Warning light warns store personnel when either printer is low on paper, the sheet feeder is low on paper, or there has been a system malfunction. The entire system is controlled by CPU System information is presented on display which is the same monitor used to communicate with the user. System inputs are coupled to CPU via data bus Push button switches and are used by the user to either accept or cancel the transaction.

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Switch is a maintenance switch which is used by store personnel to command the system to download system information to either the maintenance printer or to a floppy disk. The maintenance switch may also be used to enter a mode to allow clearing of coin jams and an internal store coin counting mode. This internal store coin counting mode will enable the retailer to sort and count coins from vending machines and cash registers, bypassing the voucher and coupon functions. Leading edge sensor tells the system each time a sheet of coupons has been dispensed. Stepping motor dispenses the coupon sheets.

Microswitches and deactivate escrow tray stepping motor , thus preventing possible mechanical damage by the stepping motor moving the tray past its designated limits, and indicate to CPU the position of the escrow tray i. CPU also controls the voucher printer The flow chart of FIG. The user places coins of varying denominations into the external tray step Small foreign matter falls through perforations in the bottom of the hopper tray step while large foreign matter is removed by the user step Pressing the go button activates the coin sorter, initializes the coin counter, and activates the fan within the waste management chute step Next the user lifts the edge of the hopper tray, dumping the coins down the entrance chute of the waste management system step As the coins go through the waste management system certain waste, such as liquids, are removed step The coins are then counted and sorted step During this step coins which do not meet predetermined physical criteria are rejected and returned to the user step As the coins are counted, the value of the coins is displayed on the monitor as well as the number of coins counted within each denomination step Manufacturers' coupons are dispensed at this time step After all of the coins are counted, the user is asked to either accept the value that has been determined and continue the transaction or to reject the value and discontinue the transaction step If the user decides to reject the stated value then the coins are returned step If the user decides to accept the stated value and continue the transaction then a cash voucher is dispensed for the stated value step During this step coins which do not meet the predetermined physical criteria are rejected and returned to the user step If the user decides to reject the stated value then the coins are returned step and the transaction ends step If the user decides to accept the stated value and continue the transaction then they are asked whether they would like to donate, in whole or in part, the value of the coins to a charity step If the user does not wish to donate to a charity then a cash voucher is issued step and the transaction ends step If the user wishes to donate to a charity, then the user is asked to chose to which charity they wish to donate steps , , , and If they do not wish to donate to any of the listed charities, then the transaction ends step and the coins are returned step After choosing to which charity they wish to donate, the user is asked if they wish to donate the total value of the coins step If the user wishes to donate the total amount then a receipt is issued which states the amount and the charity step CPU records the amount donated and the charity step so that when the coins are removed from kiosk the proper amounts can be deposited to the appropriate charity organizations.

If the user selects to donate only a portion of the total amount, they then enter the amount to be donated step At this point a receipt for the donated portion is issued, a cash voucher for the remainder of the total amount is issued, and CPU records the amount donated and the charity for later disbursement of funds step One stepping motor controls the coupon dispenser and the other stepping motor controls the escrow tray.

The circuitry for the two motors are duplicates of one another. The oscillators in blocks and generate the pulses which set the stepping motor rates. The dip switches in blocks and allow manual setting of the oscillator rates. Each motor has a second oscillator, blocks and , which set the chopping rate.

The step pattern translators, blocks and , use both oscillators to generate the step motor patterns. Two different oscillators are used in order to maximize the power efficiency. In operation, computer determines when power should be supplied to either the coupon dispenser stepping motor or the escrow tray stepping motor This input is supplied via interface This signal is received by either input selector or In one embodiment, this signal is digital.

Depending upon the signal, the selector determines the length of time the stepping motor will be operated. For example, one signal from interface will cause the coupon dispenser motor to dispense only a single sheet of coupons while a different signal will cause two sheets of coupons to be dispensed. Similarly, one signal from interface will cause the escrow tray motor to rotate in one direction thereby returning coins to the user, while a different signal will cause the opposite motor rotation thereby depositing the coins into the coin receptacle.

The power drive units and supply, upon command, sufficient power to operate stepping motors and Coin tray normally is flush with the top surface of kiosk Position The user places their coins in the tray and at this point removes any obvious foreign materials. When the user is ready to begin the sorting process, they lift handle on coin tray The tray is hinged at point When tray is in position , the coins fall through waste management chute The coins leave chute through opening to enter the coin sorting and counting mechanism.

Liquids accidently dropped into the coin hopper are funneled through spout to a suitable collection receptacle.

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The surface of the plate has grooves running lengthwise, these grooves forming a series of alternating peaks and valleys The coins ride along the surface of the plate while liquids flow down the valleys , eventually flowing through perforations drilled in the bottom of the valleys The liquids are then funneled down spout , and collected. The sharp peaks , combined with a teflon coating, help minimize the friction caused by the liquids which may accompany the coins.

This in turn helps prevent a slow down of the sorting process. The coins enter and travel down the chute in direction As the coins travel down this chute, a fan not shown blows air back up the chute in direction Light materials, such as small papers and lint, are blown free from the coins and out of the machine.

Liquids flow through the holes in bottom plate , flow through spout , and are collected in a separate receptacle. Magnetic strips along the exit edge of the coin hopper and the entry edge of the waste management chute collect ferrous objects, such as tokens and slugs, removing them from the coins. Tray is divided into four bins. Bin catches dimes from sorter ; bin catches pennies; bin catches nickels; and bin catches quarters. Stepping motor drives worm gears and When activated, stepping motor moves the bottom surface of the tray along axis If the tray bottom is rotated outward, toward the user, the coins are dumped into a coin storage receptacle.

If the tray bottom is rotated inward, away from the user, then the coins are dumped into a return receptacle. When the stepping motor is activated, worm gear is rotated along axis When gear is rotated clockwise, the bottom surface is rotated allowing the coins to be returned to the user in tray When gear is rotated counter-clockwise, the bottom surface is rotated allowing the coins to be dumped into a coin depository. Microswitch prevents the stepping motor from moving the tray bottom past its pre-determined stops. Summer Packages with gift card.

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