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The Jewish Floridian ( August 26, 1960 )

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Full text of "The Jerusalem Post , , Israel, English"

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Leaders Of the political parties also attended the' service. Mon- signor, Roy Campbell. From our Correspondent greetings from the Romai Rome Church on the island. In Dr Sandor Wfl known in the province uni Irialisl, collected all the eoc. Landau announced hi. United Synagogue. Tho four scientists found, after questioning 1.

Using four staLemout. Tlic Uurgenland dot. MP, who, on behalf pcuu-nls of lhc projected a. On the cm. Mr Harold l. As a partici- Pant in lie negotialicms for many ycurji Mr Laugdon supported the abolition of religious authorl- ncs because lie was convinced that wu i Ihe passage 0 f time altitudes on both sides only hardened. The loader of the Orlhoilnx op- posit nm. Although the positions, ns lie then foresaw it, imd since crystallised, discussions between the two sec- lions could slill routinne if Clause 43 were regained.

Replying to tho debate Mr Landau irged hat there was still tune for the two sections to declare nt [ho next Board meeting their agreement with Uie constitutional amendment as ii was proposed last July. Salisbury A. While, on the one hand, there was a drive for Jews to be forcibly assimilated, discrimination and antisemitism were constant reminders that Jews were different. Helping the victims Mrs Lena Volkova speaking at the Trafalgar Square meeting who now found themselves in danger and trouble.

Mrs Volkova sBld that the whole "This is very important. You have no idea how many people sit glued to their radio sets listening to the BBC and other stations so that they may know that they are not alone. Your campaign will not harm them, it will help them. S slur days Russia could not clnim the credentials of a civilised nation so long as she wag suppressing the aspirations of the Jewish people. The prayers on behalf of Soviet Jewry which followed the speeches provided an unusual sight: for the first time Chief Rabbi Jakohovits, the Halmm, Dr S.

Gaon, and Iiabin John Rayuer, the senior minister of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue, not only recited their separate supplications but actually joined in an act of worship. It took the plight of Soviet Jewry, for whom they nil prayed, to bring this nlmiil. After the meeting, Mrs Volkova and another Russian Jew, Mr Rudolf Bind, accompanied hy Lord Janncr and Mr Duvid Tack, vice- chairman of AJcx, visited the editorial offices of British national newspapers to acquaint I heir senior editorial stuff with the general position of Soviet Jewry and, more specifically, with the current rials in Riga.

The vigil, a protest against tile secret trial of four young Jews in Riga, began at midday on Monday and ended, still in pouring rain, at noon on Tuesday. Two unsucessful attempts wore made by the wives of four Members of Parliament to present letters of protest to the Soviet Embassy officials. But each time the Russians refused to accept them. On Monday Mrs S. A police sergeant went to the door 1 and asked the Russians if they would accept a letter from the two women. The nurses went to protest about the trial of one of the young Russians—Ruth Alexan- drovitch—a member of their own profession.

Smir nov- skya, another letter Jpld, " As you and your wife hays lived'in Eng. Chief Rabbi was speaking to pulpit of tho Finchley iDjQfi: when he addressed n t.. Anolher Mr Paul Rose Lab. Readers did sons seeking Soviet visas. Mr Roylu refused to be on, ca lla in lo n si. On Monday night, Mrs.

Our grandparents eame from there. Clarke, the vice-chairman. Oh bolU a. Jewish Chronicle Reporter The first of Britain's regular Jewish radio programmes on Rndio London last Sunday represented, with its wide choice of topics, the many facets of the community it was intended to reflect.

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The eight items squeezed into 20 minutes ranged from a review of the community by the Chief Rabbi through the reminiscences of a social worker to the views on Jewish humour of tiic American comedian, Jack Bonny. One girl recalled how difficult it was to flud common ground with her Gentile school mates, for instance, when they were praising a pork mince which she had never been able to taste.

The programme is limited to 20 minutes, broadcast fortnightly on Radio London at The service was condi irti-il by tlie Rev L. Despite lui rentiul l ain their v. The Is to be doubled in size icMmmodnte guests, aim will also bo larger kitchens. Building starts in two weeks, ami a large attendance, which ini'it enlarged synagogue — which i lie Mayor of Brenl, Cftt dllindude a bride's room—should I.

This wus admitted by Sir John Giubb at a press conference last week lo murk the publication b. These Hebrew seminars have been among his most successful ven- tures. Jhc presenlatioii was not done, the Jews. The Midland, which Ims a milk Ureme only, wants to do iLs own catering if a meat licence is granted. Shi-chita Ibiurd to appoint a aiipcr-. Was lhe Midland expected to spend thousand:, of puuuds on building kitchens if ii were not to get a lici-iH-c?

This th" board was trying to rectify— Lid Mr I. I folliiwing a serious drop in allcndance nt the kosher c. Apart rrom the cost of meals, the children pny between 8p and 15p a week in bus fares to and from the canteen. Before the service, they joined with civic and religious leaders and Too many open doors in Leeds During a recent security check on Leeds synagogues and other communal buildings, carried out by Young Ajcx, gates and doors were found unlocked and many windows had been left open, giving easy access.

Councillor Dnun is the president of the White- field Division of the Brigade. Gold itch, head of the Manchester and Regional Beth Din. Herman, the service was conducted by the Rev M. A presentation of a trees in Israel certificate was made lo the couple in appreciation of their services to the community. Mr Brill said that tlie Board of Shcchita had been in existence fm- 90 years and was doing a good Job.

Bentley, jointly: with G. Sunderland A coffee morning was held at the home of Dr and Mrs V. Gillis with joint hostesses Mrs J. Frank- enthal, Mrs V. Gillis and Mrs D. The opener was Mrs J. Among the lecturers were tho Chief Rabbi, Dr N. Wieiler, Dr M. Shalcv and Mr B. Mar- morstein. Telephone Mr Zi-i-v Sharef, the Housing Mini-lei. Of the iUi. Everything else must wait. But the Oriental young, not ail delinquents, hy no moans all Army rejects—there were soldiers in uniform among last week's anti- Establishment demonstrators—will not wait.

PAUL Whose hall? The revenue from tho suite, which goes to the US, is itself impressively large. One honorary officer of the US to whom I spoke had no knowledge as to whether this stipulation had been amended to allow r caterer lo have solo use of tho hull. Much depends, It would seem, on how the original stipulation was interpreted. On what terms Iho hall was to he made available was never spelled out, say Marble Arch members.

Over the years no steps havo been taken lo restore the hall to tho synagogue. Gourmet beauty.. That was more than thirty years ago and a lot has happened to the Vienna banker's son since then. And during the war he organised a pipeline for rescuing Jewish agents from Europe. This will be Jerusalem's loss. It is here that he starts his hour day, punching the time- clock in the entrance hall just after 8 o'clock in the morning and settling down to a round of mcet- ingsr minutes and memoranda which will keep him going until close to midnight.

Members f his staff have been known to slink away behind pillars In public concert halls lest Teddy see them and, regardless of the number of rows along which it has to travel from hand to hand, dispatch some hastily scribbled memo across the hall. If he pushes himself hard, he is no less demanding of his staff.

Inside, fortified by cups of sugarlcss black coffee, hB will glower and steam until something else diverts his attention. Jerusalem is a very demanding city, os recent Black Panther manifestations have underlined. It Is also home to a host of different communities, Jewish, Moslem and Christian, all of which some time in the day requires the Mayor's attention.

He gets on with It. PAUL '. For whatever doubts there nuiy be on the original significance of chag Shavuot. But the reasoning is doubtfui and the psychology faulty. That they arc a lifts!? S ot i,. Sb diwivcd from. For it Is clue lo oppression in ho past, not to Ins. Kill a single Stale is not. Fur Israeli. For the Christian communities in the Land represent all the Churches and coutd make a unique contribution to Christian unity. Today, they also have the unique responsibility that they are both Indigenous and worhl-wido, and should bo able to speak pence to both Arab and Israeli on a basis of real understanding.

But, as yet, thero is no Downing Street. The official home of the Israeli Prime Minister is a discreet villa In a tree-lined residential street in Itehavla, a building not unlike nny or a dozen other houses In tlie vicinity. There are no portals, in fact, only a gate and n police box. Sometimes they wave embarrass- edly as the old lady emerges, capacious lmndbng held at arm's length, a bundle of newspapers under her arm, lo climb into her chauffeur-driven but inconspicuous American car.

She always returns the wave. At almost 72, she continues to display thnt re markable energy' which Is he hallmark of tlio oldc-r generation of Israeli lenders. Department announces'the yl. Storms, rain and gales, even fit Sdom. The flnql days of that first trip of mine were taken up by.

Thhifc a minute as Jews. Realise that every day Israel keeps her P le dgeto all Jews. J else. Du no doubt feel extremely proud be in the fashion trade. If you have not yet contributed to the JPA Survival Campaign, or wish to increase your contribution,. Teli gK Id rnilici'. The daughter Estello Far. Now the Ml year-old tyrant is a widower. Finally he leaves he old man, only to find himself saddled for the rest of his life with an aching, hope.

The other great merit is Melvyn Douglas 1 memorable portrayal of the old man which ml is lustre to a remarkably fine film. But the film cannot bo dismissed as just-another cclluluid bloodbath. No horso can have had a mure adventurous life than the hem of Bfaeh Beauty U. Tim animal does everything. The film only the second screen version ever lo hi! That i:: w le n.. Il lit pc. The orchestra. Klcm i Vn.. Tin- lnlliar overture itself is. I'hilhai ni. Iki- aitd. Price fnr the wo-volmtic set is Sail USi. He excelled in bolh. As n conduct or. Major in whit-Ji Mr Aliiazol, as soloist, produced an effortless stream of cnntuh'de lone and nuisical refinement.

B 2 3, Suit. SAT 11 pm. Or course, tlu- Corpora I inn's reason fur doing this was a cheap and feeble one. Of course, the power of Coiijo in the old days lay in the fact that lie was found, in the same spot nt the same time' every week. SIibx: il. Simv; 5. Sliiw: I i. I BrdailH Moiail Symphony No. May ARC 3. Sundayi 4. Boakabla academy ONE Z.

Pdtnr O'Toole. Geldara Green Sunday, 6 tin. Ju'ld Chrlitld. June 5. Richard Chinmcdaiu. Gienna HcKian. S IS, B Sun 4. Laid ahow Frlciir and Sal- H Sunday 5 BO Sunday 4. II IS p. Sunday 3. May 31 to Jung 4 at 2 30, S HimpHiad Sunday. Michael Caine. Sunday Hendon Sunday. Sun- 4 Wkdvt , B. Whirl Food tot lha GdDie u. Sunday G. Lelnatar So. Royal ecftli bootable. Richard lurlgn. Rra Human. Sunday 7 0 AH aeata bookable. Laid show Sat. Contlnuoua airfarniinrei 3. Sunday 4. Narrow Sunday. BO Sunday 9. Bookable, tail week.

Genevieve Bu;old. Tech Progi. Sunday 3 45 7 Lilt weak. Swlii Cottage Sunday. Paler G'Taale. Lower Raqanl SI. B39 All MdcGraw. Lata tHv Frl. All Macaraw. Lila ehow Sit. Squire B1B1 " Glitl. Lale Shaw sac Sunday 3 SO 6. Lale Shaw SJtmiliy, May B0, 4. Lale ihow SetV Matinee Sal. OOO ahow and laaka It.. II, 12 mft. Sat 6. Adullg only. Sill, s. Tliuri 3. Wad 2. Geotlrey Sumner. Emeu B3B ReguCed arlca. Provlewi May O, Sat. Paul Danernan, " Vrwy tunny. Fully Air t. EaL 6. Daily ,B. He tokc. Ann Anna Massey is a brad mistress who scema to sIuikI lor traditional values but, for some reason, obeys every whim of the other two; Ellse Barbara Kerrisj luxuriates in her own feiuiimiitv and Joanne Lynn fled grave i.

They play childish practical jokes on Joanne, sustained by Mis. Ellse has a pliant am pregnancy and all three are left imprisoned in a totally sterile limbo. Wlini is not clear is whether Mr Hare is baying Hint women rig crippled without men fund, if so, could not a case he made out that men arc crippled without women? Equolly elusive, but this time deliberately, li the running Jean Anouilh whose Dear Antoine is a glittering asset to flic Chichester Festival Rcuson. Mr Anouilh manipulates his audience into believing that they aro witnessing the reading of the will of a famous playwright to a gathering composed of his widow, friends and numerous cx-mistresses headed magnificently by the imperious Edith Evans os nn old actress.

Kvi-n him uver look a muilcsi nimble. After nil, he. Aail allowing for the cuslonuryS! Indeed, the magical mil Times index barrier thouMl broken soon. Mr Bernard Marks, chainnu Alfred Marks Bureau, believeso Hie group Is strongly placed io t liniir its forward growth in tf despite the Impact of the gm strike. Bull mum! R'IO million. Grow iccuipls ti-. Ilia timill. T to Oniibiy ndv. I liw uvumoo amount advonced was L'il. D3 million or 2. Mote Htr. I wolcomolho hholillon of! Tltess Bio typical ol the cninimiitivu fnclorS wldcli wo luvo ta boar in mind in nonouli'imu iltn amdr-tlvuntiot ol our own hivoatment bbivIcb biii!

In iMilicnlm of ilia intorout ibIdi which we ollnr. The po4l. In a niiinber of arem. Our next development IFj compuMr field li to be ilia inuoduciior. The folio wing-are e. Compared with the forecast ,, pre-tax profits of Barclu. Vor the biwni. Total last i v. Maw dmreif understandahly '? The postal strike lias bait il-. Alter a slow start newly acquired 'olid ml to tilings was showing sat- isluctory profils. Mr Mark Nnnnan. New eigarelic Carreras. Called lliiHiitiirk, il is Carr eras' fmirth priidiii-l giving Green Shield stamps. The president. LuikIiiii, until June S. In nitl of the National 'Awii-uiluni for M tlal Health.

A final dividend of The hoard intend io maintain the IS per cent pc. Meantime, annual profits show u rise. Thvidcud total at Wallis Ac Co. Panto and Co. But the final dividend or J per cent kccpMhe payment at 35 per cent. Tel: T l g l would like to know more about making mnn. Czechoslovak film makers Unvo M mHdo i several remarkable sorties Into. By Julia Namier.. Ox lord UP. Namier was n man who inspired deep and lasting devotion and yet contrived to quarrel with so many who asked nothing more than his friendship; a great son of Oxford who was hurt fully denied the professorial chnir to which ho Would hove dime credit.

It is Id many respects, of course, a most unusual book. Lady Namier met her future husband only in when lie was 54 and married him live years later. She did not, therefore, know him at all except during he last phase of his life, and was never, as the book makes clear, fully at home in either the academic or the political worlds in which he made his impact. Zionist period Nor docs the biography suggest that Lady Natnicr lias made much use of such papers as may exist, or of the memories and insights of more than e.

Moro important is the fact that in rospcct of some Important issues, most notably Namier's period of service with the Zionist Organisation, the story is told wholly ns seen retrospectively by Namior himself, with no. Bui we would not iiave had so human, - occasionally. Tho survivor of one lost world has helped to bring lo life! Namier second from right with Zionist lenders left o right J.

Lnrkrr, M. Shu roll and L. Edited by U. Scfimtb iV Gllkson. Institute ol Coiitempr. Jerusalem, and InsliluleoM; Affairs, London. Switzerland , which show Jewish mortality In recent years to have been nbovo that for the general population. This differential is in imirked contrast to pre-war experience when, hecuusc of greater alien non to health and allied factors, Jewish mortality in Europe was iduavs significantly lower than for llie general population.

Samuels nod N. Tho book consiHt. A political, economic and geographical guide to the seven Trucial Stoics by a member of the British diplomatic service. Starting with the earlv hls- torv of the area bom. A oomplolo home ' the last Detail. Guests of Honour:. Rtblnoyltoh, M. Jakobavlta, B. Hannah Marks. Sclmar Uicncr, of Loudon, and Mr. Ralph Barzliay, of Bournemouth. Bogush—A daucliler was born on May A slater for lanlel; seven lb grandchild fur Mrs. J 'olin Davis: and second grandchild or Mr. Lean Levy. A sister for Fiona: Mother granddaughter for Mr.

Marcus Gold Walt and Mr, and Mrs. Gordon; and lift! Morris Hearn; and seventh grandchild lor Mrs. Esther Eckmanj Hillman. May 19, , at Queen. A brother to Thomas. Southgate, N.

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Golds Kayo; flr. Flnehloy, N. Bass, of Belfast. Your playground in the sun-with lots to do for everyone! Belmont, Si an more, Middle- sox. David Abloson and Mrs. Polly I'lurlus. A sister for Stephen. Yehuda The engagement la announced and the marriage will shortly taka Place between Pater Ivor, younger son of Mr. Frederick Fraiinan. Fiujtin and lTrss V, B. Essex, gr,nmtaon of Mis.

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View of Mount Hermon in North of Israel. Flowering Golan Heights on a sunny day. Several huge modern windmills on background snowy Hermon. Galilee, Israel. Mount Hermon and south Lebanon. Flowering Golan Heights in a beautiful sunny day. On the horizon is visible snowy peak of Mount Hermon. Mount Hermon in northern Israel. Golan-Heights and Mount Hermon. It's summit straddles the border between Syria and Lebanon and Israel at 2,m above sea level is the highest point in Israel.

Waterfall Banias landscape. Water stream. Autumn at river Hermon. Nature Reserve and National park a popular place for tourist trips with locals and foreigners in the north of Israel. The skilift pulley-block. Ram natural Lake in Golan Heights. Hula Valley, Northern Israel. Mount Hermon in the snow with expensive receding into the distance, Israel. Hermon Mount as viewed from Meron mount.

View of the town of Metula, situated on the Israeli-Lebanese border, at the foot of Mount Hermon in the background , as seen from Dado lookout point, Upper Galilee, Israel. Hermon stream flows directly from the mountain waters of Mount Hermon. Military bunker access point on the border between Israel and Syria , Golan height.