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It only cost 50 SP last year too, so it was a must-get early on and let you hit the ground running. Pacing yourself as a max minutes player is more important. There is much less "freelance" mode, and lots more automatic play calling. Instead, I seem to spend a lot of time placing screens, doing off-ball movement, touch-passing on to team mates, etc.

Even if you set "Run Plays" to "Off" in the options menu, it still runs these "automatic" play calls. For me that's a bit annoying. I believe this did not happen in 2k13, where that option put your team permanently in "freelance mode" from what I remember. Team mates are much less likely to take open shots, even when you hit them in rhythm in an open space. Instead, they'll often catch the ball, wait a few moments in which time the D often recovers , and then a new play will initiate.

This can be kind of aggravating, and break the flow of the game. It also doesn't help PGs trying to rack up assists. From some limited testing it seems that doing a flashy pass will more often result in them taking a shot attempt The automatic play calls are a bit random sometimes, too. Again, this disrupts the flow and slows things down, making fast break scoring harder unless you have the rock and are initiating things yourself. Similarly, in half-court plays, you're sometimes sent all the way across the court, which burns a good bit of clock time.

Back on the topic of SP; it seems to be slightly different this year. It generally costs more SP to raise your attributes, particularly as you near the cap. The "diminishing rewards" mechanic seems steeper than previously.

NBA 2K15 gets back in the game: A look at the expanded career modes

All of the above means However, you seem to earn more SP overall and the backseat role you take at times does tend to feel a bit more realistic with you being required to do a bunch of things offensively rather than just taking shots screening, running decoy, touch passing, etc.

Additionally, there are Social Media challenges this year, which net you SP if you achieve them. This means in key games you can earn over 1, SP if you have a great game, so you can lessen the grind somewhat by going hard in them. I just earned 2, SP in four games by getting 4 double-doubles in a row the SM challenge objective each time. It seems every time I get a double-double, my next opponent is like "Bet you can't repeat that! It seems that your attributes are capped lower 92 max on things that 2k13 would let you get to Not fully confirmed at this stage, but it seems the rotation changes according to your teammate's play.

I've been on 40 minutes for about 8 games now but the rest of the rotation is still changing game to game. Anyways…after Kris Humphries had a few good games rebounding the ball, he was moved to C, I was moved to start at SF, and Jeff Green lost 18 minutes and was moved to effectively a 6th man role despite still being listed as a starter. Drafting, interviews, and the draft-day "announcements" are all the same as they were last year which is a bit crap.

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General Gameplay. Flashy passing a new feature is kind of lame and gimmicky, imho. Previously you could control whether you dribble or drive to the hoop with the modifier left trigger , which now controls whether you do a flashy pass or not in conjunction with right stick. This results in you sometimes pulling up for a jumper when you wanted to drive instead, which can be aggravating. If you're really, really ingrained with 2k13 controls, you will spend a few games accidentally doing ridiculous flashy passes out of bounds instead of driving to the rim, but you eventually learn better :P.

That said, dribbling and dribble moves do sort of feel a bit more intuitive this year, once you've gotten used to the new controls. Overall it actually feels a bit harder to beat your man off the dribble, but if you can string the right moves together in the right situation you can beat your defender or create space for a jumper in new ways that are pretty cool - and they feel more natural and slick than 2k13 did.

Playing tall for your position 6"7 PG or 7"0 SF, etc can really have an impact in that regard. Same with steals; just playing good intense D can net you some, without you having to actively press the steal button. Out of bounds turnovers are much more common, sometimes exasperatingly so. It felt easier and safer in 2k13 to drive baseline without risking going OOB, same with anywhere near the sidelines, honestly.

It cuts both ways though, and so you can trap the ball handler on baselines and corners Miami-style with much more effectiveness. When opponents attempt a steal, sometimes you get caught in much longer "out of control" animations than previously, where your player spends a long moment re-gathering the ball. This can really suck if it comes late in the shotclock, since you sometimes can't get a shot off. It's even worse if you were just about to pass the ball off to someone f.

If, in that second period, your target suddenly cuts to the basket behind 3 defenders, you end up basically chucking the ball to the opposing team.

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It's an edge case, sure, but seemingly a new little "feature" you have to get used to and be careful of. Congestion is much more dangerous than previously, it seems. In 2k13 you could as a PG, f. This year, driving into traffic seems much more risky. As a PG you have to therefore work quite a bit harder to draw two defenders or penetrate.

Badly timed dribble moves or poorly executed ones are more risky, but well-timed, well-executed ones seem to free you up moreso than last year - so it sort of balances out to be overall less forgiving but more rewarding. When your stamina is low, your dribble moves are much less efficient, making it harder as the game goes on to create space and blow by defenders. Lead passing is much more demanding, it feels.

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If your teammate's path to where you're leading them is blocked, it'll almost always be a turnover. That seems less effective this year and you have to be way more precise. Can result in some head-scratching turnovers. Fouls seem a bit more prevalent. Jumpshots work well with either the button or the stick. As said, you sometimes accidentally pull up for a jumper when you mean to drive, but with quick reflexes you can still turn it into a well-timed release. That said, be prepared to sometimes look like a complete failure, passing up open or semi-open lanes to the hoop for rushed jumpers - not unlike this!

You can customize your jumpshot much more this year. If you like taking snap shots like f. I like it more. It feels more demanding and by virtue of that a little bit more realistic, despite the existence persistence? What are some of the differences you guys have noticed? I've got an all-rookie Portland team 12 rooks! MyCareer definitely makes Association seem like a cakewalk.

Playing small ball, with McLemore a shooting guard at SF and 'koumpo a small forward at PF actually works pretty decently and creates interesting and effective mismatches. I especially get mad because of this: "Team mates are much less likely to take open shots, even when you hit them in rhythm in an open space.

Apparently you can tell your teammate to shoot the ball with the square button PS3 controller or the blue X button Xbox controller. Despite numerous attempts to make that work I don't see it having any effect. I am playing as 6'7" Point Guard, Physical profile. Overall 82 it is enough. I've raised all my stats in the following way: - 50 is a minimum for all the stats - 80 for shooting skills - max for rebounds, blocks there are quite low for Point Guard - 85 for passing, ball control, steals, shot in traffic, ability to catch a ball, offensive awareness My Signature skills are: - Dimmer - Pick and roll maestro - Pickpocket - Lebron Coast to Coast given in the last season game vs Miami My defense tips: 1 Do not rush in defense - Wait for your opportunity to get a clean steal or block.

You should defend for 24 second violation or forced shots at the end. Do not get yourself beaten of the dribble!! If you will do this to early, you will most likely loose 2-pts or 3-pts 4 Do not go for steal when 1 on 1 - just intense D and block only when you are sure your opponent is shooting.

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You might be slightly late to block, but it is enough to have his shot well contested. Your teammates are missing a lot of open shots now shot timing of your teammates is terrible on this level. My offence tips: 1 Figure out your way to score on every single possession - this is the only way to win a game.

A: To earn more VCs. In second season you can play only key games, so it is another 2x multiplier.

Holy **** that dunk contest sucked

If you will make a team record easiest for me is in assist you can get x2x2 extra VCs - just beat the record by 1 in each game. Just be carefull for your coach goals - You cannot have an active goal when being 2 assists short of a record. There is also limit for 3 goals per game. In this case - do not go for a record.

NBA 2K14: My Career How to Get Drafted 1st Overall! Rookie Showcase, Draft Interview and Draft

That's it I am in 2nd round of playoff in my first season. I've played about 20 games already on "Hall of Fame" level and I've won 16 of them Good luck! I would really appreciate your comments The "Finisher" is a GREAT addition for any player, and will make your player unstoppable the Gatorade signature skill is helpful too and keeps you from getting fatigued in the fourth quarter. Great tips. I really want to go and finish MyCareer, but Quiet the Haters glitched on me :. Responsive Beta Bug Reports.

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